Media Preparation

VOD Media Assets and Live Feeds:

Top-notch Ingestion at the Most Efficient Bitrates

Supporting every step of the media transformation workflows, for both OTT and TV deliveries. Nexus’ Media Preparation has the capability to handle all sorts of media processes, ensuring high-quality and efficient service across all screens.

Live and on-demand encoding/transcoding
Packaging transcoded media in various OTT streaming media formats;
Live-to-File de-linearization (Catch-up Creation)
Encode instantly in multiple bitrates, formats, and codecs (ABR)
Move the OTT content onto a CDN
Clip, edit, and publish high-quality content instantly to social media

Flexible and Scalable OTT Live Channel Origination

Create a Live Channel

Leveraging our extensive expertise in video origination and management, we simplify the optimization of your content operations by seamlessly integrating various sources like broadcast, VOD, and OTT apps to enhance efficiency. Manage the entire process, from ingest and preparation to protection, storage, and delivery, for both VOD and live TV, encompassing features such as nPVR, catch-up, pause, and restart.

Create a Live Channel based on VoD content
Broadcast Channel(s) Streaming
Broadcast Channel(s) Streaming with Linear Catch Up
Broadcast Channel(s) Streaming with VoD Catch Up
Broadcast Channel(s) Streaming and Recording
VoD Stream Service
Live and VoD Streaming service

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