Optimize your OTT platform earnings with the most potent toolkit.

Control every step of your business strategy. Foresee future behaviors and adjust the contents and the monetization models to fit your needs.

Content Management Platform

Manage and organize your video content with a fully integrated CMS.

Data Rights Management

High-quality digital rights management (DRM) endorsed by major studios across the industry.

Assets & Metadata Management

Generate and modify vibrant, dependable, and uniform metadata for your content.

Subscribers & Audiences Management

Curate and oversee appropriate collections for specific audiences while efficiently managing your subscriber list.

Monetization Management

SVOD/Pay-per-view, TVOD, AVOD/Freemium.

Analytics and Reporting

Quantify every aspect and acquire valuable insights into your business.

Highlight Features

Dependable and scalable Content Management System (CMS) – Utilize drag-and-drop functionality, along with categories and filtering options.
Boost potential revenue opportunities – different types of monetization
Robust Security – safe content encryption;
Control and optimize your content according to analytics reports
Metadata Management – audio tracks, graphics, closed captions, rating;
Improved engagement tools configuration, with interactive virtual screens and in-player actionables.

Detailed Audience Segmentation

Establish and oversee suitable collections for specific audiences.

Define distinct audience segments considering factors such as location, device usage, domains, languages, and more.

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