Jump into the next level of production with virtualized media operations

MAM4PRO offers an agile and cost-effective way to produce and orchestrate high-quality content, no matter where teams or resources are located.

By virtualizing the media operations such as recording, ingest, transcoding, streaming, and even file transfer, MAM4PRO is simplifying equipment redundancy and network complexity, making collaborative production effortless

Virtualized Media Operations

Real-time Stream, Record, Ingest, Playback, Transcode and File Transfer.

Multiple Deploy Options

On-premises or on the Cloud (Private, Public,, and Hybrid).

Management and Control

Central Administration of all Media Operations, anywhere.

Centralized Media Ecosystem

Same platform for the Production, Contribution, and Distribution of Video Formats.

Collaborative Remote Workflows

Ideal for Remote Digital Media Production and Management.

Resources Allocation & Optimization

Shared equipment, facilities, and teams across locations.

Why Virtual Media Operations?

Media production is progressively moving away from dedicated hardware and shifting towards adaptable cloud-based software. In this environment, all applications share a common media farm, allowing access from any location in real time. MAM4PRO empowers producers to centrally execute a multitude of tasks, significantly reducing reliance on equipment.

Facilitating the global empowerment of creative individuals and media professionals.

MAM4PRO spans every stage of your media workflow, ranging from acquisition to distribution.


Media Transformation

Media Production is increasingly distancing itself from dedicated hardware, and moving towards flexible cloud-based software, where all the applications share the same media farm, and can be accessed from any location, in real-time.

Increased Productivity
Outstanding Resources Optimization
Building Blocks Infrastructure
Simplifies Media and IT Management

Media Management & Composing

MAM4PRO’s platform for Workflow Orchestration and Management seamlessly integrates the entire content chain across various production and distribution systems, providing a unified solution.

Assets Management 
Metadata Management & Enhancement 
User Management 
Unified Scheduling and Control

Deploy Options

Take advantage of a versatile architecture and deployment options tailored to accommodate diverse media workflows and operations. Strike a harmonious balance between costs and requirements without sacrificing quality by selecting the optimal scenario for your needs, whether it be on-premises, entirely on the cloud, or a combination of both.

Flexible Architecture
Future-ready applications
User Management
Unified Scheduling and Control


Enhance any media production and distribution workflow with ready-to-use plugins and extensions.

Social-m: Social Media Capture & Publishing
Live-m: Mobile Acquisition and Streaming
Screen-m: Screen Capture & Delivery
Find assets assertively and instantaneously
Tell the history of the assets
Provides Analytics of all production activities
Informs the Status and usage of all resources
Production Asset Management
Scheduler orchestration of all ingest activities
Performs all kinds of media operations
Full-featured friendly web user interface

MAM4PRO covers every step of your workflow

From Creation to Distribution.

Ingest your Media
Manage your Assets
Review and Validate
Distribute Anywhere