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While OTT was once considered the exclusive domain of big media corporations, we firmly believe that content creators can thrive across all distribution channels.

Our Vision

The technological foundation of exceptional storytelling.

Our mission is to enable established media companies, podcast networks, radio stations, content creative teams, and creatives worldwide to deliver outstanding content with greater ease and speed.

Our Mission

Facilitating digital transformation across a diverse range of industries.

We are Nexus Media Group, a global pioneer in the realm of digital media technology. Our groundbreaking solutions pave the way for digital transformation in all industries, diversities, and cultures that require efficient creation, management, and distribution of content while engaging communities of any magnitude. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape and empowering individuals and organizations to tell their stories with utmost creativity and impact. 

Our organization brings together a team of brilliant minds that possess a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ imperatives and environments. In a world that is rapidly evolving and constantly changing, success is contingent upon the ability to grasp, engage, create, manage, and distribute compelling content to diverse audiences, regardless of their location. Our unwavering commitment to this mission fuels our drive to innovate and adapt in order to remain at the forefront of the digital media landscape.


People First

Quality content and an advanced yet simple user experience are essential for viewers, consumers, clients, and audiences. At Nexus Media Group, we have always prioritized user engagement and experience, and now we need your help to deliver the complete package.

Our Leadership
Carlos CEO

Carlos Phoenix Jimenez

Founder & CEO

Felix Montelara

Head of Podcast Division

Patrick Pha'nom Samuel

Pha'nom Samuel

Sports and Music Division

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Head of Product
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