Media Acquisition

Ingest From Multiple Sources:

Ingest your Live and VOD content with the highest efficiency

Assuring a smooth and secure gateway for your media acquisition, either from Live or VoD, for further processing and streaming.


Ingest from linear TV feeds like Satellite, Cable, DTT, IP, and Fiber.


Acquire media from Camera Cards and Files.

Metadata Processes

Metadata importing, annotation, and enhancement.

Support major streaming protocols – HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, SRT.
Ensure reliability – in case of a transmission error.
Redundancy options for satellite capture and IP ingest.
Transcoding feeds into multiple bitrates, resolutions, and formats.

Reliable Content Ingest and Delivery Architecture

Prepare, manage, and deliver high-quality Live and VOD content across multiple networks to all screens.

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